Bellaire Community United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Growing in Jesus
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401 N. Bridge St.
Bellaire, MI  49615

Bellaire Community United Methodist Church supports missions both in our own community and around the world for the Kingdom of God.  We give of our prayers, money, time and talents to make a difference in the lives of countless people.

Our most basic involvement in missions is through the Ministry Shares of our denomination.  Each church in every conference is asked to do their fair share based on their own relative strength to support the mission work of the general church.  We are pleased that over the years we have been able to accomplish all that has been asked of us and are happy to continue to do so.  For more information on what our Ministry Shares support, please read this document.

Our church is proud of our involvement in the local Bellaire Food Pantry.  For many years it was housed in our basement.  The pantry is now located in the business district of Bellaire and serves hundreds of families every month.  It is no longer just a project of our church, but is supported by many churches, charitable organizations, businesses and individuals throughout the community.  We continue to play a primary role in the life of the pantry in providing leadership, volunteers and contributions to help the work continue and are blessed to be able to do so.
We also have people involved in hands-on mission work with several individuals responding to needs around the globe.  Rob and Tianne (Cole) Varicak share Jesus Christ with the Didinga people in South Sudan.  Jeff and Amy Brake equip missionaries all around the world at Mission Training International.  Jan Beaderstadt works with Renaissance Outreach Ministries in Nepal.
We continue to pray for our missions and provide financial contributions through various "Mission-of-the-Month" events supporting both local and world-wide missions projects.  We actively seek ways that our church can be involved in the community, including the Bellaire Youth Center, Cub Scouts, and partnering with other local churches.